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Five Major Trends In The Future Development Of Virtual Reality

- Nov 01, 2018-

Five Major Trends in The Future Development of Virtual Reality

        On the morning of September 27th, the International Virtual Reality Innovation Conference was officially opened. At the main forum of the conference, Zhao Yuping, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and chairman of the Virtual Reality Industry Alliance, delivered a keynote speech, “Development Trends of Virtual Reality”.He said that there are five trends in the development of virtual reality. First, the VR system is deep and realistic; second, the VR/AR interaction is highly natural; the third is integration with artificial intelligence technology; the fourth is the application of augmented reality in mobile terminals, including applications on mobile phones, which will have great development; There will be an explosive development.What is the depth of life of the VR system? The virtual reality system or augmented reality system we see now, such as some VR systems seen in the exhibition area before the meeting, are basically geometrically realistic, and there are also some physical features, objects in the virtual reality environment, it The physical characteristics of the performance will be further increased and enhanced. In addition, there are more and more physiological and intelligent features. 


        There will be more research progress in this area, especially in the academic field. Its research will focus on the physical characteristics of the model, physiological and biochemical characteristics, and performance in this area. Applications and results will be more and more.With the rapid advancement of virtual reality technology and artificial intelligence technology, especially in the field of VR applications, its application, the user's intelligent demand for it is also growing, and the research on artificial intelligence technology is relying more and more. And the combination of virtual reality technology, so the combination of the two is a trend in the future.Academician Zhao Yuping explained that in the VR system, its combination of intelligence and artificial intelligence is mainly reflected in three aspects. One is the intelligentization of virtual objects; the second is the intelligentization of virtual interactions; the third is the automation and intelligence of virtual reality content development. The virtual reality object is intelligent. At present, the person in the virtual reality system, its entity and avatar are tracking users, mainly tracking and locating the user, tracking his actions, gestures and expressions, and tracking the user.The object is intelligent, and it is entirely an intelligent person in the future. For example, virtual people are now appearing in the program anchor.In addition, virtual entities, including biological animals, include animals and plants. After modeling, if the physiological model and biochemical model are established, they can be evolved and evolved, and a tree can grow in a virtual environment.With regard to the intelligentization of virtual interactions, there are mainly visual and auditory.


        Now more is recognition and understanding. The force touch is personalized and flexible.Now the handshake can be made very close to the human hand. If you can personalize it, for example, male and female friends can make a hand with each other, take it with you, and call him when you are on a business trip. Hold, the temperature and strength of the other party can be reflected.The smell and taste are still being studied. The most important thing is the intelligence of virtual reality content development and production. Nowadays, the productivity of virtual reality content is relatively low, so we need to standardize our virtual reality content research and development platform, and also to develop the intelligence and automation of platforms and tools. This is a development trend.Academician Zhao Yuping pointed out that there will be more and more applications of virtual reality and augmented reality technology in the industry, especially augmented reality technology. The prospect of enhancing technology in the industry is broad. Especially in the military field, there will be great developments in the field of equipment manufacturing and smart cities.Finally, Zhao Yuping said that with the development of virtual reality and augmented reality, three new types of industries will be formed. One is the virtual reality industry of the industry category, the second category is the virtual reality industry of mass consumption, and the third category is the specialized virtual reality industry.

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