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Microsoft Demonstrates How To Seamlessly Bridge The Virtual World And The Physical World.

- Nov 01, 2018-

Combining the advantages of VR and AR, Microsoft demonstrates how to seamlessly bridge the virtual world and the physical world.

Both virtual reality and augmented reality have their own advantages in bringing digital capabilities to our lives. For virtual reality, everything the user sees (including the environment and objects) can be controlled and changed.This also means that what users see does not necessarily reflect the real world. For example, if another user enters the room at this time, she will not appear in the VR world.


Microsoft began to explore the advantages of combining VR and AR to creatively manipulate space and time in mixed reality. They created a mixed reality environment where users can see real-time representations of the surrounding environment.Compared to other methods, the user does not see the image through the onboard camera. Instead, Microsoft equipped the room with eight Kinect cameras mounted on the ceiling. The camera's data will be combined into a complete 3D room reconstruction view. The user can see the real-time view of the reconstructed environment through the VR header.

The Microsoft team matches the user's virtual viewpoints to their actual location in the room.This means that physical objects can align virtual representations. Since the data is transmitted in real time, the user can perceive any changes in the physical environment (such as the movement of furniture or the person entering the room). Users can still touch and feel the real world and at the same time gain the ability to perform almost any visual change.

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