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VR Shopping How To Make A Comeback In Frontier VR Shopping Has Become Popular, How To Make A Comeback In Frontier Technology??

- Nov 01, 2018-

VR Shopping Has Become Popular, How to Make a Comeback in Frontier Technology?

With the rapid development of technology and the promotion and application of virtual reality technology, VR new life has quietly entered all aspects of our lives.For the majority of consumers, VR shopping has become the most fashionable shopping experience.VR Shopping uses VR technology, head-mounted displays and smartphones/computers to enhance and drive the shopping experience.

In foreign countries, a number of well-known FMCG and retail brands such as Lowes, Swarovski, Nestle, IKEA and Body Language Sportswear provide consumers with a VR experience.Through VR technology to help consumers better visualize products at home, the situation of placing furniture in the living room allows consumers to easily access products and places that may be difficult to access in real life, making the shopping experience more realistic and cool.

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The domestic shopping and consumer market is not far behind. As early as April 2016, Alibaba launched the VR shopping experience product Buy+, which Ali said uses Virtual Reality technology to generate interactive 3D shopping environments using computer graphics systems and auxiliary sensors.In the future, as people's interest in virtual experience grows, it will inevitably promote the birth of the next generation of Internet of Things, which will connect the objects around us and become an integral part of our communication methods.

The wide application of VR technology has spawned the huge content requirements of VR development and production. According to the statistical analysis of Indeed, the world's largest recruitment information search engine company, the number of VR/AR related jobs has increased by 400% since 2014.Among them, VR talents have a considerable gap in the fields of architecture and planning, Internet and electronic products.The rapid development of the industry and the huge gap in related technical talents in the industry have become a major contradiction to be solved, especially the reserve of high-quality and professional VR talents needs to be improved.

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