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Virtual Reality New Gaming Equipment

- Feb 17, 2023-

The 14th GTI Exhibition and Movie Power 2023 New Product Release Pre-sale

Movie Power is a national high-tech, provincial specialized and special new enterprise focusing on the research and development, production, sales and operation services of VR and 4D dynamic equipment. Its categories involve VR entertainment, popular science and research, and 5D cinema. A world-leading company with 3,500+ global customers spread across four continents: North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America.


Virtual Reality New Gaming Equipment——More attractive High Income Star Machines 3rd March 2023, Super somatosensory plot & super fast profit & super extreme immersion.


VR Super Armor


1.6 people share a flat with high efficiency, suitable for C-position gathering, to achieve efficient customer acquisition and transformation.
2.Heavy mecha shape, full of futuristic sense!
3.Multiple somatosensory special effects, extremely immersive 0-distance experience.
4.144 VR-themed content are included to meet the different preferences of players.
5.Win high popularity and high benefits for the project!


VR Super Agent


1.A stand-alone and online QET shooting game.
2.Exciting scenes and levels start a passionate experience.
3.Self-service voice prompt service, no staff on duty.
4.Easy operation and maintenance!


VR Super Time-Machine


1.360° rotating cockpit simulation platform.
2.4D wind simulation transforms visual effects into real experience.
3.Multi-angle tilting, simulating more somatosensory postures and angles.
4.Six-point flight safety belt + fixed feet, 360° all-round protection.
5.Continue to meet the needs of early adopters.


Super Speed


1.Real racing experience simulation platform.
2.Triple ultra-high-definition LCD screen ultra-wide driving viewing angle.
3.Professional racing simulation driving steering wheel.
4.Realize 360° barrier-free drift.
5.Experience the instant 100km/h super-burning pleasure.


More virtual reality new gaming equipment all in the movie power waiting for your cooperation.

Date:3rd - 5th March 2023 Area D, 19.1 Hall Booth: 19T12A.

Adress:Guangzhou˙China Import and Export Fair Complex.

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