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Moive Power Debuts New Products At IAAPA Show

- Nov 20, 2023-

Moive Power showed up at the IAAPA exhibition in the United States with its new products, and there were constant sales on the spot!


IAAPA’s annual feast gathers in Orlando!




The high-profile IAAPA event for the amusement park and attractions industry will be held as scheduled in Orlando, USA, from November 14-17, 2023. As one of the largest exhibitions in the amusement equipment and entertainment industry, it has attracted exhibitors and professionals from all over the world person. Movie Power once again appeared in the overseas market with Space Ride Mini, Super Agent and the popular self-service vending machine series - Cotton Candy Vending Machine, which received widespread attention.




Take a VR screaming ride -- Space Ride Mini
This VR ride simulator only requires 6.5 square meters to bring you the experience of a theme park-level core attraction. It opens up a new ride-style flying theater experience where you can experience sight, hearing, smell, touch, heat, etc. A variety of sensory special effects, giving you a more extreme experience.






Self-service vending machine -- Cotton Candy Vending Machine

A small and beautiful marshmallow machine, with delicious marshmallows of various colors and styles, captured the hearts of all the children in the exhibition hall. Everyone spent 1 minute queuing, 1 minute making marshmallows, and getting the marshmallows. At that moment, I was still overflowing with joy.





The rise of China’s intelligent manufacturing! Sign the contract on the spot!
Guangzhou Movie Power Technology Co.,Ltd. (Brand name: Movie Power) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the Research & Development and application of VR, AR and 4D dynamic technologies. It integrate creativity, R&D, content, production and solutions and operation services. Focus on providing high-value immersive entertainment education products and solutions for indoor park, cultural tourism, science research and other industry applications. Movie Power is the leading company in this field.









The appearance of China's intelligent technology equipment was well received by customers. The customer's on-site cooperation with us is the best recognition of Movie Power and China's intelligent virtual reality amusement industry.


The Movie Power & Orlando IAAPA exhibition has ended successfully.

Thank you to every customer for coming.

Thank you for every voice of affirmation.

See you next year.



Iphone: +86-18027386365


Address:No. 42-1 Shixin Road, Panyu District Guangzhou, China.


Whatsapp: 008618027386365

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