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Movie-Power At 2023 ASIA Amusement Attractions Expo (AAA)

- May 23, 2023-

Movie-Power at 2023 ASIA Amusement Attractions Expo (AAA)

Successful Closing

2023 ASIA Amusement Attractions Expo (AAA) is one of the largest and most influential amusement ride exhibitions in Asia. The exhibition showcases the latest rides, theme parks, smart technology, simulation games, entertainment equipment, landscape design and more. The exhibition will attract professional visitors and exhibitors from all over the world, providing a platform for communication and cooperation for the development of amusement facilities and entertainment scenic spots.


Movie Power VR products ignited the atmosphere at this expo, and the fashionable equipment instantly became popular in the audience!


From May 10th to 12th, Movie Power officially opened the ignition mode at the 2023 ASIA Amusement Attractions Expo (AAA). The color matching and cool appearance of our VR products quickly ignited the crowd. Each VR simulator is surrounded by many spectators, queuing up to experience it.


Wonderful moments of this exhibition



Vr Super Armor



[VR Super Armor] Domineering appearance of ignited the audience


Every wave of customers was filled with satisfied and excited smiles after the experience: "This is the best VR product I have ever experienced, this product is really great", and some even couldn't wait to pick up the phone to call their cooperation The partner called to experience it. Although the long queue could not stop the enthusiastic expectation, the footsteps of the long queue never stopped...



Movie Power Vr Partner

Vr Space Ride

9d vr ride



[VR Space Ride] VR product New arrival!


Many media and foreign friends were attracted by this new VR product, and they all gave their thumbs up after experiencing it: "It's great, it's like being in a new real world." They scrambled to interview and report our scene Business Consultant.
The Movie-Power booth became the most popular booth at the show.



Movie Power Vr Exhibition


[Movie Power-Winning Moment]


Glorious testimony. Demonstrate the strength of hard-core products.



The awards ceremony is held for thousands of people by sponsors and industry authorities.


Movie Power, as a national high-tech and special new enterprise, has a series of rewards coming.


Won the Metaverse VR/AR/MR/XR Leading Enterprise Award; Digital Cultural Tourism Leading Enterprise Award; Metaverse VR/AR/MR/XR Excellent Hardware Award; Metaverse Interactive Technology Award; and 5 Metaverse Industry Application Awards.


These are the sheer strengths of our brand craftsmanship.



Movie Power VR Awards


Quality first, continuous innovation, sincere service, customer achievement



Thank you to all the new and old customers who came to the scene.


Thanks to the new and old customers who signed up on site.


Thanks to all players for their love and enthusiasm for Movie Power products.



Movie Power Vr



Your support is our driving force for continuous innovation. We will, as always, create more and more exciting VR products with full spirit, so that people can enjoy an immersive experience.



Iphone: +86-18027386365


Address:No. 42-1 Shixin Road, Panyu District Guangzhou, China.


Whatsapp: 008618027386365

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