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A Satisfactory Ending - The MVP Of This Exhibition, Making It A Cost-effective Investment!

- Sep 28, 2023-

A Satisfactory Ending - The MVP of this exhibition, making it a cost-effective investment!


VR metaverse carnival feast.
Big explosion, big eye-catching.
Why is it so bright? So hot?

Let us review this exhibition:










Crossing the sea of people just for enthusiasm
The flow of people in front of the booth
This undoubtedly proves the excellent charm and investment value of our new products




1. The scene was buzzing with people and signings were constantly being signed.
The scene was extremely popular.
Good news frequently.
The negotiation table is completely unoccupied.
All products on display are sold out.


2. All hot products, widely popular.




  • VR Space Time Shuttle


Super lineup makes stunning appearance.
360° unlimited exciting spin for two people.
Double the dynamics, explosive screams.
VR Space Time Shuttle, the king of immersion.




  • VR X-Spy


Loved by players for its superb shooting experience.
Original games, high-definition picture quality, precise positioning.
Especially without dizziness, it can be started after picking it up in one piece.
It makes players immersed in it, which is very exciting and enjoyable.



This European Fair exhibition has come to an end.


Sincere thanks to every friend who visited the exhibition.

Your support will strengthen our motivation to move forward.

Thank you again for your attention and companionship.

Looking forward to the next gathering, Film Power will meet you at the American Exhibition.


Iphone: +86-18027386365


Address:No. 42-1 Shixin Road, Panyu District Guangzhou, China.


Whatsapp: 008618027386365

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