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Movie Power Successfully Concluded At The 16th GTI Guangzhou Amusement Equipment Industry Exhibition

- Sep 13, 2023-

The 16th GTI Guangzhou Amusement Equipment Industry Exhibition: Movie Power Resounding Success

The 16th GTI Guangzhou Amusement Equipment Industry Exhibition came to an end recently. Movie Power successfully impressed the guests and participants at the exhibition. This annual event hosted by GTI Exhibitions has become the premier platform for the amusement equipment industry, attracting professionals and enthusiasts from around the world.


The exhibition, held in Guangzhou, China, showcased a wide range of cutting-edge amusement equipment, innovative technology, and interactive experiences. With over 500 exhibitors and an estimated 50,000 visitors, this year's event proved to be the largest and most influential in the exhibition's history.


Now, let me take you to the highlight moments of this exhibition.




【Unveiling Exciting Innovations】

The exhibition served as a platform for manufacturers to unveil their latest products and innovations. From thrilling roller coasters to virtual reality experiences, attendees were treated to a diverse array of amusement equipment options. The event offered a valuable opportunity for industry professionals to network and discover the industry's latest trends and developments.






【Attract industry leaders】

The 16th GTI Guangzhou Amusement Equipment Industry Exhibition gathered industry leaders, further consolidating its reputation as an industry event. Key players from major amusement equipment manufacturers, suppliers and distributors gathered to exchange ideas, establish partnerships and explore potential collaborations.


Movie Power is a leader in the industry
The 6 star products carried by Movie Power were sold out on the spot.
"VR Space Ride" even shined in the exhibition.
Thousands of people watched and experienced the experience in two days, and domestic and foreign customers signed contracts and purchased on-site.







1. VR Space Ride


"Exceptionally real", "Exceptionally beautiful scene"
“The graphics and action are well combined”
The customer's heartfelt recognition, the expression of novelty, happiness and satisfaction on their face.
It is an affirmation of "VR Space Ride" and also an affirmation of Movie Power.






2. Celebrity hits, sold out on the spot.


VR Space Time Shuttle

This is the first time to appear at this exhibition.
Attracted numerous customer experiences.
The joy of 360° rotation for two people.
The time shuttle can give it to you!





VR Super Armor


Cool mecha appearance, eye-catching
Rich content for endless fun.

Just look at this happy expression and you know how much fun it is!




VR Super Agent


Quickly teleport, one against a hundred.
Become an agent and experience thrilling adventures.
Regardless of national boundaries or age, we are all "agents"!

Super cool "female agent".






Super Speed


The operation and pleasure are comparable to those of F1 racing cars.
Really experience drifting, impacting and sprinting.
Three large screens attracted onlookers.





VR Super Time Machine


180° substantial rotation.
The stimulation of breaking away from the center of gravity.
VR version of roller coaster, do you dare to challenge it?



The 180° rotation made foreign friends exclaim: Amazing!




Accomplishing our customers is what we have been striving for.



Thanks to all the new and old customers who arrived at the site.


Thanks to the new and old customers who signed up on-site.


Thanks to all the players’ love and enthusiasm for Movie Power products.



Iphone: +86-18027386365


Address:No. 42-1 Shixin Road, Panyu District Guangzhou, China.


Whatsapp: 008618027386365

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