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Shell VR Applications On The Premises To Find VR Real Estate Transactions

- May 22, 2018-

 An event was held in Beijing, the vice president of Shell House Search and General Manager of the Vision Division introduced the progress and plans for VR technology applications on the shell platform for the first time. He said that by the end of this year, Shell House will realize the VR presentation of more than 30 cities, 700,000 sets of used and rental housing, and 3,500 new homes in the country. This will be the first time that VR 3D reconstruction technology has been applied in real estate in China.


 VR technology has become a breakthrough in solving the "difficulties in seeing the house". In the decision-making stage before buying a house and renting a house, the selection of houses and field visits has always been an inefficient and troublesome problem for consumers. In the decision-making stage before buying a house and renting a house, the selection of houses and field visits has always been an inefficient and troublesome problem for consumers. On the one hand, online home listings are difficult to discern and distortion has become normal. There is no way to understand the details of the home improvement installations on the premises; on the other hand, even if consumers are determined to prepare for the site visits, Coordination with owners and intermediaries will consume a lot of energy. At the same time, the delay in commuting is far greater than the effective time of viewing. The industry has even circulated such a statement: "10 minutes to see the house, two hours on the road, communicate for a month." Although the language is joking, it also hits the hardship that consumers have to face in the viewing phase.

 However, with regard to the depth of the real space dimensions, orientation, distance, and so on, these methods still have no way to further reveal. In other words, these new trials did not produce a real breakthrough in the viewing process, and it was difficult to make full control over the housing information without making a site visit. The VR-based products launched by the shell-hunting houses seem to be able to initially break these barriers, which will really relieve the many inconveniences in the process of viewing the houses. According to reports, the VR products launched this time mainly include the three core functions of "VR viewing, VR auditorium, and VR tape viewing." VR viewing room is an immersive viewing mode in the free mode. Open the VR listing on the APP. Tap anywhere on the screen to get the depth, size, orientation, distance, and other depth information of the real space of the house. At the same time, you can also learn about the house and the surrounding of education, medical and other supporting information; “VR room” is a broker voice interpretation service provided on the basis of the VR viewing room, which is recorded by the broker in advance according to the roaming line to provide explanations for consumers; and “VR band to see "It is a brand new interactive scene experience. Users can make appointments with agents in advance to see the room and interact with each other in real time. They can also add family members and friends at any time to complete "watching."


For the application of VR technology in the field of view, there are industry insiders that this form will greatly enhance the efficiency of real estate transactions, and have an important role in the renovation of real estate transactions.

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